Artist Introduction

Some of my earliest memories were going to my Dad's woodworking shop in the basement of our home and getting to create things together. My Dad didn't realize he could make wood carvings until he was in his thirties, but he decided to give it a try. Now he's been doing it for over thirty years and has shared it with me throughout my whole life, which is where my love of art began at a young age. My Dad had a little desk for me in his woodworking shop that I would draw at or we would work on projects together.
Little did he know, the time spent doing that would change my life completely as I got older. Even though I have had a couple different professional career paths that I took, I finally decided that I wanted to follow where my heart was guiding me by pursuing art seriously as a small business. I’ve spent years wanting to do this, but was not sure how to make it all work. It still feels like I am at the beginning of the journey, but at the same time it feels like home in the best way. I am inspired by nature, wildlife, architecture, and finding beauty in even the smallest moments. I love creating art in a variety of mediums including charcoal drawings, graphite drawings, coffee paintings, acrylic paintings, wood carvings, and I have done a bit of mural work. I hope that my artwork can brighten someone's day, make them feel a beautiful moment, or make a positive impact. 
Thank you for your interest and support in my art, it means the world to me!